The North Face Addresses Inequity In The Outdoors

The North Face has created an initiative to address the inequity in the outdoors and exploration. Steve Lesnard, the Global VP of Marketing and Product for The North Face, spearheaded this endeavor. The social injustice carried over to recreational activities of the ability to experience nature has created conditions where communities of color are three times more likely to live in a nature-deprived area. Furthermore, the current racial climate has shown a high exposure to racism and other systemic challenges when people of color explore.

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In conducting this effort, Lesnard was able to form a partnership with other professionals like the Emmy Award-winning screenwriter, producer, and actor Lena Waithe. “The only real way to see change happen is by helping to create it yourself. I’m excited to work with The North Face and all of the Explore Fund Council members so our collective perspectives can help diversify the outdoors and make it a more equal place for all,” said Lena Waithe.

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These efforts produce tangible results for the community, like the Explore Fund Council, which brings other passionate experts across culture, entertainment, academia, and the outdoors for scalable solutions and ideas that help support access to exploration. The fallout from COVID-19 in 2020 further demonstrated the need for an accelerated effort to provide access and resources to these deprived communities.

In conjunction with the modern civil rights movement spread across the United States and the rest of the world, The North Face’s effort to “Reset Normal” is a call to action to know more click here.