Meet Kevin Seawright, The Founder of RPS Solutions LLC

RPS Solutions LLC is a firm that has been known for its dedication to improving the homeownership rates among the Americans. Kevin Seawright is the founder of the company and has portrayed a continued commitment to the economic empowerment of Philadelphia’s people.

RPS Solutions LLC was established in 2015. Kevin Seawright is the man behind the idea. He formed the company after he noted the struggle his people were going through with homeownership. He worked to provide a solution to provide people with affordable housing to everyone around him. He was confident that support programs and affordable housing help improve the area residents’ economic status and transform the neighbourhoods and stabilise their lives.

Through his idea and desire to help people across the entire globe, he developed RPS Solutions LLC to create a diverse society whereby homeownership is achieved and where communities are working to build and advance their full potential.

Today, the firm is working to offer significant services that include asset management, real estate developments, governmental contracting, acquisition services, and assets sales.

Who is Kevin Seawright?

Kevin was born in Southwest Philadelphia and has always lived his life as a visionary. He also has of experience working both in private and public sectors.

Before establishing the RPS Solutions LLC, Seawright had managed to build a very successful resume for more than 15 years. From between 2001 and 2011, Seawright worked in Baltimore, where he held several senior positions at the company. The includes a CFO position for Baltimore City Recreation and Parks department, Managing Fiscal Officer and Payroll director for the Baltimore City.

Seawright earned his MBA from the famous Almeda University. He also has an Executive Leadership Certificate from the renowned Notre Dame University. He is currently involved in the mission of changing the lives of people around Philadelphia. Read more: