Kevin Seawright’s Success over the Years

Kevin Seawright has changed the lives of so many people through RPS Solutions, a company he started six years ago. A significant percentage of the people who have benefited from his company are those that buy homes for the first time. Homebuyers that have insufficient funds in the Baltimore area have also benefited from Kevin’s real estate company. RPS’s primary objective is to provide Baltimore residents with as many affordable homes as possible.

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They plan to achieve this by purchasing and renovating homes in Baltimore and the cities neighboring the county. RPS also plans to collaborate with different organizations that have similar goals of bringing a difference in the lives of Baltimore residents. The firm hopes that the partnership will enable homebuyers to get funding and any other assistance they need when buying homes.

Seawright has worked with different groups in the community, including the youth he has been mentoring and assisting in various programs. He also worked in multiple industries, where his main functions were to help them manage their finances. That enabled him to understand the financial sector better.

Besides, when working as an employee, Kevin visited different Baltimore neighborhoods and realized that many residents did not have enough resources to buy homes. Therefore, he decided to invest in the real estate industry to help Baltimore residents have a chance to own homes regardless of their financial status.

Kelvin Seawright says that he always has new ideas to make RPS Solutions and his other businesses better. However, he says that he does not make all the decisions by himself. Kevin Seawright says that he writes down all the business ideas that cross his mind. Then, he discusses them with his business colleague to decide the ones to implement if they will impact their company. Kelvin is successful because he is not afraid of making mistakes. He believes that making mistakes is the best way to learn and make better decisions in the future.

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