James Gutierrez on the Importance of Good Credit

James Gutierrez is among the entrepreneurs who have incorporated his values into business. He comes from a Mexican background, and his family has advocated for the rights of immigrants like them for a long time. The advocacy has always been to help immigrants and other communities of color to achieve economic freedom. Therefore James’ family ended up becoming one of his biggest inspirations. When he finally had a chance to join college, James Gutierrez was determined to indulge in research to find a solution to the economic challenges that several people face.

As an individual always out to find solutions and help people; after graduation, this alumnus of Stanford University ventured into the lending business. Through a company he established, Opportun, formerly known as Progreso Financiero, he aimed to provide small loans to many people, especially the underbanked. His target was to get these loans to those with an annual income of between 30,000 and 35,000 USD. For James Gutierrez, Opportun is a chance for working families to build a good credit record. With just a moral obligation to repay the loan, families that fall within the mentioned payment bracket can grow their wealth through timely repayment of loans. By studying the US market, James Gutierrez believes that loans build a good or bad credit record. Therefore he was determined to change the lives of people.

Through his various research, James Gutierrez has realized that it is only through good credit that anyone can get access to a mortgage and several other opportunities. Also, for those families and individuals that would love to generate wealth, entrepreneurship should be top of the list. To facilitate these entrepreneurship ventures, it is crucial that such people take loans and pay them back in time to acquire a recommendable credit record. James has vowed to always advocate for good credit because, according to him, a lack of a credit record is like not having an identity.

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