Eterneva revolutionizes how people cope with grief

Eterneva is a new revolution to how people deal and cope with grief. Founded in 2016 by Adelle Archer and Ozar, it seeks to improve people’s perception of distress. To many people, grief should not be talked about and is a personal thing. It has formulated a way to cope with grief by accepting and living with it. Part of the ashes of a deceased person gets turned into a carbon diamond that can get worn in either a ring, bracelet, or necklace. The remains can be of a human being or a pet.

Eterneva operates as a laboratory in Austin, where its main branch is. It has a total of 30 employees and has served over 700 clients. It receives donations and has investors like Mark Cuban, who owns 9% of the shares to fund its operations. It has increased the net worth of the company by a significant margin. It publicizes its operations by collaborating with funeral homes that help spread the word about diamond creating. The company has adopted technology whereby it offers services online, and thus more people can learn about it. Also, its founders have been on television interviews where they explained the essence of people creating memories of their loved ones using jewellery.

The diamond symbolizes the great value that the deceased had on the life of the grieving person. It shows how their actions helped change the lives of others. Deciding to wear jewellery provides an opportunity to keep the memory of the extraordinary life they lived.

Making the diamond takes a long period of around 7-9 months. The diamond undergoes different stages to get the final products. First is collecting the ashes, which come in a welcome kit. Next, the ashes undergo screening to contain the purest form of carbon. The carbon powder gets compressed under the proper heat and pressure for the diamond seed to grow. Once it has developed, it gets scrutinized to check for quality, and then it is cut to the specifications required to fit the raw diamond. Next, it undergoes final touches according to what the customer requested, such as adding color. Finally, the diamond gets sent back to the customer, and if allowed, the Eterneva helps arrange for a memorial service.

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