Dechert is a limited liability partnership founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by Wayne Macveagh and George Tucker. It practices in corporate and securities, finance and real estate, financial services, asset management, complex litigation as well as high net worth individuals and has managed to create employment for over 900 lawyers. At Dechert, their key mission is to offer superb and outstanding client service. Dechert gives back to society through its lawyers who offer defense to those unable to raise legal fees to pay for white-collar counsels. 


The company recognizes lawyers with outstanding pro bono performance. Embedded in Dechert’s core values are their cultural practices of gratitude and building a community within their workplace and clients with their employees. They have achieved it at Dechert by sending each other postcards as appreciation and motivation all to harness the talent possessed by their employees. A white-collar may seem easy but has its challenges hereby Dechert has a framework focusing on the mental and physical wellbeing of their staff.


At Dechert, they work on it by setting aside a well-being week filled with fitness programs and virtual support groups. As white collar lawyers get into the firm, mentorship and training is offered to mold their workforce to maximize their potential with new associates able to work with only experienced lawyers, subject to challenging work, benchmarking, and shadowing their seniors who have been in the white collar field for a longer period. Development coaches are key to seeing the coming up of recruits to develop their careers and stand to represent Dechert as a firm and its clients too.

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