An Overview of the SeaWorld Conservation Efforts

SeaWorld conservation works hard to preserve nature and protect all wild animals. They actively support various global conservation initiatives worldwide by providing support, including finances, to their various partners. They mainly engage in rescue missions, research, and conservation of endangered sea animals. Human activities endanger many animals across the world; most of them are close to extinction. SeaWorld has set up zoos where people can give back and protect endangered species.

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A recent rescue is a loggerhead turtle. It received first aid care at Oregon Coast Aquarium before being flown to SeaWorld zoo in San Diego. Another rescue was the 11-year-old beluga whale named Nunavik. They took it to Orlando from an aquarium in Georgia, Atlanta. After the rescued animals get cared for and nurtured at the Zoo back to health, they take most of them back to their natural habitats. A recent release is of Chessie, the manatee. He had to be taken in for rehabilitation after finding him floating and was diagnosed with pneumonia in the right lung.

Visitors at the SeaWorld zoos are charged a small entrance fee. They use this money for conservancy and rescue missions. The Zoo is always open, even during the pandemic. Recently SeaWorld in Orlando and San Antonio announced that they would allow visitors inside the Zoo even without masks. However, for admission without a mask, one must get vaccinated. Besides, they asked visitors to comply with the rules to avoid the spread of the disease.

The zoos have over 80,000 rescue animals under their care to visit and admire. The animals are over 300 species from across the world, rescued for various reasons. SeaWorld has employed devoted workers who ensure all these animals get cared for, cleaned, and fed at all times. Thanks to Seaworld. This is a golden move. Visit: