Abdulla Al Hamaidi’s Path to Success

Abdulla Al Humaidi has been increasing his family’s wealth since 2008 when he founded Kuwaiti European Holding Company. Al Humaid plays a crucial role in being the head of the family and is in charge of all the family investments. Abdulla Al Humaidi´s wealth spread to Europe, Middle East, and the United Kingdom. KEH has opened local branches in different countries to improve its operational efficiency. 


The company has one Branch in Cairo, Egypt, which supervises a project, Aqueous Resort, and other potential investments. There is another KEH office in Dublin, Ireland, to watch the real estate opportunities in the place. There are offices in Kuwait in the Middle East to monitor investments, and in The United Kingdom, London (Goodmenproject).


Successful investor Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi is investment-oriented. He is mainly involved in investments with the highest returns. In addition, he ensures that the value of KEH does not drop. The business maintains positive financial performance besides social impact in the local communities. Abdulla Al Humaidi knows that attracting more investors is the key to the growth of his companies. Mr. Abdulla Al Humaidi is involved in three investments that greatly contribute to his wealth. 


The outstanding London Resort project, based in London, United Kingdom, is a recreational property launched in 2012 by the London Holding Resort Company and is overseen by the Kuwait European Holding Company. Another investment is the Armila Capital Bank that provides real estate services and corporate advisory services. Since Abdulla Al Humaidi invested on the Ebbsfleet, it has been growing and showing more success. Abdulla Al Humaidi acquired the football club in 2013. His investment has helped build the club. Currently, the club attracts players from the Football League.