A Review of Robert Kraft’s Career Journey

Robert Kraft is a Brookline, Massachusetts native. He was born on June 5, 1941. Robert went to Brookline High School, where he finished in 1959, and later attended Columbia University Under a scholarship, where he graduated in 1963. Kraft also attended Harvard Business School, where he got his MBA in 1965. He was on the school’s lightweight football team while at Columbia University. Robert Kraft was a New York Giant fan since childhood. The professional journey of Kraft began at Rand-Whitney Group. Hiatt owns the company (Worcester-based packaging company).

In 1972, he established International Forest Products which has now grown into the kraft Group. International Forest Product is a trader of physical paper commodities. Together with International Forest Products, Rand-Whitney Group forms the United States most significant privately-held packaging and paper cooperation. Besides being an entrepreneur, he is the CEO and Chairman of The Kraft Group. The International Forest Products is nationally recognized.

In 1986, a small business group was helped by Kraft in the acquisition of WNEV-TV. He also bought several Boston radio stations, which continued his investment in the entertainment industry. Since 1971, Robert has been a season ticket holder and a Patriots fan. He bought an option on the parcel near Schaefer Stadium. The step he took led to him owning the team. Schaefer Stadium was put on sale and bought by Robert Kraft out of bankruptcy. Owning the stadium paved the way for Kraft to purchase the Patriots team. Visit this page for more information.

Robert Kraft is also a philanthropist who has been supporting various charities and nonprofit organizations. Through their donations, he and his wife have contributed so much to education s, healthcare, youth sports, child and women issues, and many others. He has also held many executive positions, such as the Board of Directors of Viacom and as a trustee of Boston College.


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