ZeroAvia Signs First Order for High Power Density Fuel Cell from Hyzon Motors

ZeroAvia’s mission is to provide high-performance zero emission aircraft for commercial and business aviation that will revolutionize the way people travel. Working with Hyzon, the aviation company will develop a highly efficient design using the company’s patented Hydrogen Energy Engine. The Hydrogen Energy Engine at ZeroAvia allows zero emission commercial air travel by combining hydrogen with a solid oxide fuel cell to create the efficient electricity needed to propel the aircraft. ZeroAvia is now set to pursue a more competitive cost structure by relying on a lightweight fuel cell solution instead of a heavy fuel cell.


The power density of the hydrogen fuel cell will allow ZeroAvia to significantly reduce the weight of the aircraft, increasing overall efficiency by reducing the amount of heavy metal needed for safety. ZeroAvia’s mission is to reduce the cost and make commercial hydrogen-electric transportation more and more affordable and attractive to the public. The order comes after a successful prototype program utilizing Hyzon’s entire fuel cell, consisting of the fuel cell stack, the fuel pump, the fuel transfer case, and the battery pack (Techcrunch). 


This minimizes thermal, environmental and operational issues, thus allowing the introduction of an economically feasible ultra-light aircraft. The next generation lightweight fuel cell was developed in close cooperation with it. The adoption of ZeroAvia’s HyzonH2 fuel cell for the next generation aircraft enables a key factor in the development of the unique aircraft. This is, the unique fuel efficiency, a result of the patented Hyzon electrochemical cells‘ ultra-lightweight design. The high-performance fuel cell is optimized for ZeroAvia’s aircraft applications, with compact dimensions to fit the ultra-light structure of the aircraft. The HyzonH2 fuel cell’s combined cycle output is 13.9 kW, a 15% increase over the previous generation, HyzonH1, optimized for stationary fuel cells. 

The order calls for ZeroAvia aviation company is to install a Hydrogen Energy System on a production version of Hyzon’s high performance fuel cell platform, designed specifically for the Hytera-Elyec high performance aircraft. Hyzon’s hydrogen fuel cell offer provides unparalleled thermal protection and high performance on-board handling, providing the hydrogen storage needed to operate the fuel cell stack. “Our goal at ZeroAvia is to open up flight to a wider audience with a zero emission aircraft that is affordable and available for families to fly,” said Will Pomerantz, CEO of ZeroAvia. “Hyzon’s fuel cell advances ZeroAvia’s technology and confirms our commitment to offering hydrogen fuel cells to our customers that are equally safe and reliable for our customers’ operations.”