Smart Fit Intending to Expand to 2021 Beyond the Two million Students’ Mark

Smart Fit was growing daily before the COVID-19 pandemic, and a new gym network was being opened after 16 hours. One year later after the pandemic struck, approximately 901 units closed down for about four months. Edgard Corona believes that now this chain is starting all over again to resume the expansion rate.

Smart Fit has over 2.1M learners in about 12 nations in Latin America, thus bracing for growth of the physical activities once the population was vaccinated. One year after the losses, challenges, and being home-bound, Edgard Corona retaliated that Brazilians must find improved living standards and will maintain health status accordingly.

Edgard Corona claimed that the fitness section has been modified severally in the past years and also bears certain strategies to adjust to the frequent market changes. The gym network views the situation as a transfiguration on how people exploit the gym. Businesses in this juncture that resumed operations after the initial wave have a new moment.

Mass vaccination and the continued fight against the pandemic are happening globally, and the venture is bracing itself to counter the concerns in the forthcoming months. At the close of 2020, Smart Fit got a BRL 680 million contribution, where BRL 180 million was from Smartexp, an auxiliary that intends to expand the group.

Smart Fit has cash worth R$1.3 billion, thus intends to uphold the gyms’ high standards. Currently, a majority of the units are ready and open and respecting sanitary guidelines, local rules, as well as service capacity.

The pandemic path needed several network changes. CEO, Edgard Corona has been searching for transformative solutions, thus executed since the start of the company. Once the units closed down, the group employees were not dismissed because alternatives were created to help students maintain a home routine with websites and applications that drew closer to about 26 million beneficiaries. To learn more visit: here.