Ryan Kavanaugh’s Costly ‘Triple-I’ Fight

Triple I is a company that invests in and produces entertainment properties. The company’s co-founder, Ryan Kavanaugh, has been on the front lines of Hollywood for more than two decades and has amassed an incredible fortune as the head of Relativity Media. After his success with Relativity Media, he founded another production firm called RatPac Entertainment with James Packer to produce movies through Warner Bros., which had just acquired Alcon Entertainment – one of Hollywood’s most successful independent studios.

In 2006, Kavanaugh bought out John Calley from Sony Pictures Entertainment for $200 million after working side by side since 1993. He followed this buyout up by buying control of Mandalay Sports Group from Stephen Cassin for $1 billion in 2007. Kavanaugh acquired the company for a fraction of its value. In 2009, he bought out Mark Canton from his position as chairman and CEO of production studio at Sony Entertainment to take over complete control of both companies – including Relativity Media and Columbia Pictures, which Sony then owned.

In 2014, Ryan Kavanaugh sold off many parts of these companies, including a portion of the studio, to Sony Entertainment and Relativity Media.

Recently Ryan Kavanaugh started up another production company with producer-manager Gigi Pritzker called “Tripel I.” The new entity is entirely separate from his previous companies as it will focus on independently financed productions which he had been doing for some time now.

Recently Ryan Kavanaugh’s Triple-I production company has begun to produce some hits for Hollywood with titles such as “The Founder,” starring Michael Keaton, and the upcoming film “First Man,” which stars director Damien Chazelle. These hits have helped triple-I to start generating revenues of its own.

Ryan Kavanaugh’s Costly ‘Triple-I’ Fight: Covers the article and summarizes what it talks about. Ryan Kavanaugh is a successful Hollywood studio owner. Still, he started up another company called Triple I to produce independent movies on his own rather than borrowing from other studios or distributors. The new company has begun to take some hits and generate its revenues.