Tony Petrello Gives Back to Houston

There are quite a few people who are benefiting from the work that Tony Petrello does. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries, and he is one of the best-known philanthropists in the Houston area. This article explains how Tony gives back to the community, and there is a look at how the work he does impacts his family and others. Someone who is in need of medical care in the Houston area may have heard Tony’s name because of his many contributions.

#1: The Children’s Hospital

The Children’s Hospital in Houston is one of the finest in the world, and there are many people who send their children there every year because of their reputation. Children who are sick are served through donations and efforts made by Tony. His family has been committed to the mission of the hospital for some time, and they are impacted by their work and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

#2: His Daughter’s Medical Care

Tony has trusted the hospital with his daughter’s medical care, and his family has been thankful for the work the hospital does. They became strong proponents of the hospital after their daughter was born, and Tony wants to see the hospital help more children in the future. Tony puts in quite a lot of work with the hospital because he believes in their mission, and he wants to invite a number of people to donate as he does and more information click here.

#3: His Work At Nabors

There are many people who have good jobs through Nabors, and Tony runs one of the most successful companies in the state. He is growing the business to ensure that people are given the finest jobs possible, and he has a vision for the company that will help it expand for many years to come and learn more about Tony.

There are quite a few people who are benefiting from all the work that Tony Petrello does. He is one of the most-committed people to the city, and he is helping Nabors Industries grow while giving money back to the community and the Children’s Hospital. His family is grateful for the hospital, and they given back as much as possible.

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Don’t Rely on Well-Known Markets

Warren Buffet advises to stay away from funds that are expensive and don’t give good returns in the long run. His bottom-up investing strategy has worked over the years and he plans to stick to it and read full article.

Only half of the more than 1200 investors that were surveyed in the previous year knew that index funds expose them to 100 percent of the volatility and losses when the market turns for the worst. Buffet advises that it is better to stay in a better position than the crowd and to effectively grow their nest egg and learn more about Tim.

Passive index returns are not the safest route to take when it comes to retirement planning and even bull markets can take a turn. The average managed account fund tends to do worse than the market but there at some exceptions. There is no fail proof way to get a good return for your investment, but if you steer clear of those high-cost and low long run returns, then you will have a much better chance at success and Tim on Facebook.

Tim Armour began his career with Capital Group in 1983 and has become the chairman and chief executive officer of the firm. He has over 34 years of investment experience and is also an equity portfolio manager at Capital Group.

Tim Armour has bachelor’s degree in economics that he obtained form Middlebury College. He is currently bases out of Los Angeles and has overseen global communications as well as United States service companies earlier in his career.

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Twenty Three Layers and Party Planning: 4 Helpful Tips for Your Next Event

Planning an upcoming event or party? Are you one that easily stresses out about the minor details, or even the major details? There is no reason to stress about planning a party when it can be done simply and easily. If this is you, read on for some strategy and tips to help you out for your next event, whether it be months away or tomorrow morning!

  1. Create a Theme

First things first, think about the type of party you are throwing. If it is a birthday party for a five year old, consider their favorite animated character or television show. If it is a business event, consider the season (hot cocoa for winter and pink lemonade for spring?) as well as the interests of those invited. This is the perfect time to demonstrate your creative side!

  1. Send Out the Invitations

While yes, a quick text message or online invite will do, consider sending out invitations in advance if a) you have time and b) you want to show your guests that they mean more to you than just a text message. It is also easier for someone to RSVP if they have a physical, paper invite in front of them in comparison to something digital that they can forget in seconds!

  1. Keep the Table Setting Simple

Your setting does not need to be overly glamorous or put together, just some brightly colored napkins to spice up a white tablecloth or some nice and natural flowers with candles can do just the trick. Even tying up your silverware with ribbon could be a simple, yet elegant option!

  1. Stay Calm, Collected, and Organized

By all means, make lists! Whether it be an overall to-do list or a shopping and grocery list, be sure you keep your brain organized so you don’t forget anything. And an hour before the event, make sure you take this time to yourself to get ready and calm yourself before a time of entertaining others.


Twenty Three Layers Event Planning

But let’s say you hate event planning. And if you live in New York City and are searching for event planners in NYC or event planning companies in NYC, then look no more, because Twenty Three Layers is there for your every need. They are an NYC based design and event planning firm, and whether it be a charitable or organization function, or even a wedding, they are there to combine creativity with your vision for the event. Don’t look to other corporate event planners in NYC, rather click here to book your next event with Twenty Three Layers.


Kim Dao And SunnyDahye Hosts A Korean Christmas Party

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao just hosted a South Korean Christmas party. Luckily for us, she blogged the entire experience and posted it on your secondary YouTube page ( She called this video “Christmas Party in KOREA | Vlogmas #22 | KimDao.”


First off, Kim Dao explains a new skincare treatment available in Korea. She says that her friend SunnyDahye is going to take her to the clinic to see if a local doctor can remove some old scars on Kim’s face. Kim Dao also explains how when she was younger she had the nasty habit of picking her pimples which then formed scabs.


Anyone interested in the skincare treatment, however, must check out Kim Dao’s main channel. She chose to edit down her entire experience to make it into a professional video rather than a blog.


After the skincare treatment (, Kim Dao and Sunny clean up their apartment and get ready for the Christmas party. There are tons of chicken tenders, cupcakes, and donuts for the guests to enjoy.


Kim and her friends play various card games for a few hours. After that, they all start playing a few games on their smartphones.


The group of friends then plays a game of tumbling timbers. Someone gets their hands on a stuffed animal in the shape of a pig and tries to distract everyone playing the game.


At the end of the video, Kim and Sunny say everyone had an amazing time and they all can’t wait to meet up again. Sunny also compliments Kim on her glowing skin.



Securus Technologies Makes The Prison System Safer

There may not be many things citizens of our country can agree on, the current divide being fueled by political differences seemingly grows with each passing day. Though for all of our varying opinions there is at least one thing every American, despite social standing, economic background, or personal story can agree on, the prison system within American can be an inherently dangerous place. Beyond the numerous depictions fabricated for television screens, the prison holds a very real possibility for danger and crime as simply a nature of its existence. Any time a large population of people who have been deemed dangerous and malignant for society is housed under one roof the very real potential for crime increases.


Securus Technologies Helps Prison Administrators Make The System Safer For Inmates and Officials Alike


Those who run the prison systems are tasked with the immensely difficult job of housing convicted offenders in a way that is not only humane but also prevents any crimes from further taking place among those who have demonstrated a propensity for criminal actions. That job is certainly easy as inmates often find ingenious ways to circumvent many of the systems put in place to prevent crime from taking place from within prison walls.


Securus Technologies in response to the difficulty faced by prison officials has provided administrators with the tools to prevent crimes and protect the safety of all inmates.


Securus Receives Stream of Praise for Their Efforts in Helping Prevent Crime in the Prison System


The amount of good being accomplished by prisons who elect to use Securus Technologies inmate communication solutions has not gone unnoticed. Clients from across the country have answered the call to express the many ways Securus has made their facility safer. If you would like to read more Securus Technologies please visit


Doug Levitt’s Inspirational Experience

The writing of the Greyhound Diaries project is in itself a journey that began in the year 2004. Leading on the mission was non-other than the former CNN correspondent Doug Levitt. He started riding Greyhound buses across America first with the aim of emancipating the masses to register as voters. He achieved this, and the elections held. He, however, did not stop riding the Greyhound buses. He had got an attachment with people who ride them. He wanted to gather stories, pictures, songs and memories of the people who were together with him in the busses. He came into contact with individuals of all kinds and who undergo struggles to survive. He went for more than 120,000 miles. At one time, he spent seven weeks on the road.

Levitt reveals that while on the bus, it is poverty, mental illness, and addiction that surround you. People in the busses tend to open up a lot. Lots of impacts from seatmates such as a former Marine who suffered from panic attacks and an army veteran who always had himself to blame for a friend’s death in Afghanistan inspired him. He notes that people on the bus do not talk politics since it can be fraught thus people tend to talk about themselves which is therapeutical and what Doug knows.

The Greyhound bus travelers consist of people who are viewed lesser seen in America. They are individuals who do not tweet or else do not make themselves heard. By riding with them, Levitt gets a chance to understand what a particular part of the society thinks. The Greyhound Diaries project has in the view of Levitt given him an understanding to another culture strata.

Doug Levitt is a songwriter who was born to the former D.C City Council member called Carol Schwartz. When he was only 16, his father committed suicide, a move that greatly inspired Levitt to become an artist.

Doug Levitt attended Washington D.C public schools. He also attended Woodrow Wilson High School. For his university education, Doug attended Cornell University and later received a scholarship to attend London School of Economics where he earned his master’s in International Relations and more information click here.

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Working With the Top Online Reputation Management Company

If you are an entrepreneur or looking to protect your brand’s image and online reputation, hiring a professional team to do so is highly recommended if you do not have the time or resources to do so yourself. This year, has announced that is still the leading online reputation management company online today.

Why Work With an Online Reputation Management Company?

Hiring a professional team who specializes in protecting one’s online reputation is imperative in today’s business world, especially for those who are promoting their companies and brands with the use of social media and search engines. If you are unsure of how to protect your appearance online, working together with a professional company is a way to better understand the usage of search engines along with the perks of implementing proper SEO, or search engine optimization for your website.

A professional online reputation management company such as Brand Yourself assists individuals and business owners alike in determining the current status of their online reputation with a plan moving forward into the future in order to improve it in less time.

Scrubbing the internet of negative articles that may impact you personally or professionally along with potentially harmful pieces related to your business and brand is one of the biggest tasks for an online reputation management company today. Aside from removing various articles, links, images, or video media from top search engines and the first pages of results, online reputation management companies can also assist with improving the overall ranking of positive articles and features for you professionally or the brand you represent.

The importance of having a positive online reputation cannot be overstated, as research has shown that companies with negative results when users are searching are at risk of losing customers drastically with each link that returns not so great articles. When you are unable to work on improving your online reputation on your own, a team of experts is available to analyze the current state of your brand while developing a new marketing and SEO strategy to improve your overall appearance and online reputation in less time.

A Man With the Plan is Vijay Eswaran

Some may ask, “Who is Vijay Eswaran, and what makes the QI group worth looking into, when it comes to commerce and service in the arena of business?” These people need to know that the QI group is more than just an organization. It is a well-designed and working class nurturing environment, which crosses fields from sales to hospitality, in its daily benefit to the public.

More than just a small company to be sure, the QI Group operates on the multinational scale. It prevails most strongly in the Eastern market, which places it in a profitable and growing, yet still highly complicated market.

This establishment still produces stores of services and raw talent through its standards and operating procedures, year after year. And, it plans to continue in this practice, according to its co-founder and Executive Chair Vijay Eswaran.

Eswaran himself is quite the worldly man, having travels across the Atlantic and back again. His history of education starts at the London School of Economics with a degree in socio-economics, on the way to the United Kingdom. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

There he has the experience of meriting CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accounts) certification. Ultimately, if the subject is just about in-class education, the journey stops with an MBA from Illinois University.

However, not all learning happens in the classroom. And, while Vijay Eswaran has these certifications and degrees he also has the memories of earning and learning simultaneously. That is putting quality training to real-world drive and set goals, while applying proven concepts, systems and models.

This type of controlled and productive intellect, control and discipline is far more difficult than it looks and even more so to properly explain. Only a few men and women out of an average 100 can accomplish such a task. Even lesser still can make something grow from it.

If you are going to be on top of a multinational conglomerate corporation, it is a good idea if you have seen a few things about the world first. And, your skillset in addition to world view has to be concrete and elqoquennt as an ancient alabaster bust.

Fortunately from years working in nation-states all over the world, Vijay Eswaran has all of those things in spades.

The Amazing Power Of WEN Cleansing Conditioner

It’s safe to say that we live in a hair-obsessed culture. Millions of women are willing to spend a good deal of money on hair products that promise to make hair soft, shiny and full of volume.

The problem, however, is that few of these hair products deliver on their promises. That’s because the hair care industry is more interested in making money than giving women beautiful hair. Most commercial hair care brands are known for using filler ingredients that are cheap to produce. Filler ingredients like sulfates, emulsifiers and preservatives are aggressive, stripping the hair of its natural oils that keep it soft and protected. As a result, hair becomes more and more dry and damaged as time goes on.

However, there is one product on the market that steers clear of filler ingredients and sticks to plant-based ingredients that restore hair back to health. WEN Cleansing Conditioner is an innovative hair care product created by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean. The formula is full of nutrient-rich botanical extracts that clean and moisturize hair while preserving its natural oils.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner is highly unique because it is one of the few products on the market that is completely natural. Creator Chaz Dean understands that hair is actually delicate and doesn’t respond well to harsh ingredients like sulfates. As a result, just one week of using WEN Cleansing Conditioner detoxifies hair of aggressive chemicals and feeds hair tons of nutrients that restore it back to its natural health. Hair that was dry, dull and frizzy is suddenly shinier, softer and fuller than ever.

Because of the unique formula of WEN Cleansing Conditioner, countless women are throwing their commercial hair care products in the trash. This amazing product takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner. Just one bottle of WEN Cleansing Conditioner transforms even the driest and frizziest hair into silky perfection.

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Succeeding in the world of recruitment; the story of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie is a professional who deals with human resource management. She has been working with the Deustche Bank whose headquarters are in New York for the past few years. Before she was appointed to her current position, Julie was working with companies such as The New York Life Insurance Company and Citi. As the executive vice president of the company, she has a lot of influence in guiding and directing the functions of the company.

Getting to the level she is in

Many professionals that have gotten to the top in business leadership know that it takes a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice. Well, Julie Journey is no different. She started her journey close to two decades ago when she took up positions such as candidate placement for lawyers at Hudson Staffing and Recruitment. At the time, she recruited talent such as case managers, paralegals, support staff and many others. She worked here for about five years and then left to go take up the position of head recruiter at Citi.

While she was at Citi, the responsibilities that she carried out included getting a match in talent for the positions that opened up. She says that success at the company was a result of a combination of creativity and having a very serious outlook to the business of recruiting. She also got very much involved in programs such as employee education through the Citi Cards Program. After her time with the company, she decided to move on to somewhere more challenging.

She had spent 3 years at Citi when she proceeded to NYLIC. The insurance company is where she was working till she was headhunted to go work with the Deustche bank. She was the Vice president at the insurance company before getting the new appointment. The new position was suitable for her because of her ability to resolve conflicts, solve problems, apply tracking systems for different clients, train employees and interview them for the right positions. Julie is a strategic planner with an uncanny ability to tell the person that would be ideal for a certain job.

Early life

Julie graduated from the School of Law at the New York Brooklyn College and the New York School of Law. She then studied philosophy at the City University of New York Brooklyn College.

Other activities that she takes part in when she is not looking for talent to fill in the many positions that open up at the fir include running, taking part in the arts, technology and learning new things. She is very passionate about human and animal rights, technology and charitable causes. Julie is a very reserved person, which means that she keeps her circle of friends small and that her social life is very much hidden from the limelight. Her work often leads to some angry people maligning her name, but she believes that ignoring the negativity makes her rise above it all. Julie is a great example for others in the field and in other fields to follow.