Whitney Wolfe’s Wonderful New App

Whitney Wolfe has emerged as one of the most successful female CEOs of our day. After leaving Hatch Labs, she has emerged as the most prominent example of a young woman building her own fortune. Last year, she made headlines for her work with Bumble.

The dating app has attracted headlines for the amazing success it has generated in helping empower women by making sure they make the first move always. Now, she is bringing her new app Bumble BFF to the forefront. This new app is changing the way everything works by helping people meet up with friends and form new relationships.

If there’s one thing that Whitney Wolfe understands about social media and app design, it’s that people want apps that will help them understand and connect with others better. Everything in Bumble BFF is about that. You look at profiles of people and decide whether or not you want them to be your friend. The process is somewhat similar to a dating site, but instead of looking for a mate you’re looking for someone to hangout with. The dating app is currently used by millions of people and continues to grow in size. The future certainly looks bright for this app.

Whitney Wolfe is only 26 and has already done more in life than the vast majority of CEOs twice her age. She is steadfast creating an empire and slowing taking out the competition. In fact, so far nobody else has had the daring idea to create an app for making friends. With her ingenuity that’s certain to change. Companies want to emulate the pattern of successful entrepreneurs. If she succeeds, this will change the way things go from here on out. It takes a genius to come up with new ideas. Wolfe just happens to fit that description.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: http://norcal.news/news/23806-move-over-silicon-valley-whitney-wolfe-and-bumble-help-power-austins-tech-scene

Kim Dao And SunnyDahye Hosts A Korean Christmas Party

Beauty YouTuber Kim Dao just hosted a South Korean Christmas party. Luckily for us, she blogged the entire experience and posted it on your secondary YouTube page (https://www.pinterest.com/kimdaoblog). She called this video “Christmas Party in KOREA | Vlogmas #22 | KimDao.”


First off, Kim Dao explains a new skincare treatment available in Korea. She says that her friend SunnyDahye is going to take her to the clinic to see if a local doctor can remove some old scars on Kim’s face. Kim Dao also explains how when she was younger she had the nasty habit of picking her pimples which then formed scabs.


Anyone interested in the skincare treatment, however, must check out Kim Dao’s main channel. She chose to edit down her entire experience to make it into a professional video rather than a blog.


After the skincare treatment (http://www.kimdaoblog.com/search/label/makeup), Kim Dao and Sunny clean up their apartment and get ready for the Christmas party. There are tons of chicken tenders, cupcakes, and donuts for the guests to enjoy.


Kim and her friends play various card games for a few hours. After that, they all start playing a few games on their smartphones.


The group of friends then plays a game of tumbling timbers. Someone gets their hands on a stuffed animal in the shape of a pig and tries to distract everyone playing the game.


At the end of the video, Kim and Sunny say everyone had an amazing time and they all can’t wait to meet up again. Sunny also compliments Kim on her glowing skin.



Succeeding in the world of recruitment; the story of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie is a professional who deals with human resource management. She has been working with the Deustche Bank whose headquarters are in New York for the past few years. Before she was appointed to her current position, Julie was working with companies such as The New York Life Insurance Company and Citi. As the executive vice president of the company, she has a lot of influence in guiding and directing the functions of the company.

Getting to the level she is in

Many professionals that have gotten to the top in business leadership know that it takes a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice. Well, Julie Journey is no different. She started her journey close to two decades ago when she took up positions such as candidate placement for lawyers at Hudson Staffing and Recruitment. At the time, she recruited talent such as case managers, paralegals, support staff and many others. She worked here for about five years and then left to go take up the position of head recruiter at Citi.

While she was at Citi, the responsibilities that she carried out included getting a match in talent for the positions that opened up. She says that success at the company was a result of a combination of creativity and having a very serious outlook to the business of recruiting. She also got very much involved in programs such as employee education through the Citi Cards Program. After her time with the company, she decided to move on to somewhere more challenging.

She had spent 3 years at Citi when she proceeded to NYLIC. The insurance company is where she was working till she was headhunted to go work with the Deustche bank. She was the Vice president at the insurance company before getting the new appointment. The new position was suitable for her because of her ability to resolve conflicts, solve problems, apply tracking systems for different clients, train employees and interview them for the right positions. Julie is a strategic planner with an uncanny ability to tell the person that would be ideal for a certain job.

Early life

Julie graduated from the School of Law at the New York Brooklyn College and the New York School of Law. She then studied philosophy at the City University of New York Brooklyn College.

Other activities that she takes part in when she is not looking for talent to fill in the many positions that open up at the fir include running, taking part in the arts, technology and learning new things. She is very passionate about human and animal rights, technology and charitable causes. Julie is a very reserved person, which means that she keeps her circle of friends small and that her social life is very much hidden from the limelight. Her work often leads to some angry people maligning her name, but she believes that ignoring the negativity makes her rise above it all. Julie is a great example for others in the field and in other fields to follow.