Tony Petrello Gives Back to Houston

There are quite a few people who are benefiting from the work that Tony Petrello does. He is the CEO of Nabors Industries, and he is one of the best-known philanthropists in the Houston area. This article explains how Tony gives back to the community, and there is a look at how the work he does impacts his family and others. Someone who is in need of medical care in the Houston area may have heard Tony’s name because of his many contributions.

#1: The Children’s Hospital

The Children’s Hospital in Houston is one of the finest in the world, and there are many people who send their children there every year because of their reputation. Children who are sick are served through donations and efforts made by Tony. His family has been committed to the mission of the hospital for some time, and they are impacted by their work and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

#2: His Daughter’s Medical Care

Tony has trusted the hospital with his daughter’s medical care, and his family has been thankful for the work the hospital does. They became strong proponents of the hospital after their daughter was born, and Tony wants to see the hospital help more children in the future. Tony puts in quite a lot of work with the hospital because he believes in their mission, and he wants to invite a number of people to donate as he does and more information click here.

#3: His Work At Nabors

There are many people who have good jobs through Nabors, and Tony runs one of the most successful companies in the state. He is growing the business to ensure that people are given the finest jobs possible, and he has a vision for the company that will help it expand for many years to come and learn more about Tony.

There are quite a few people who are benefiting from all the work that Tony Petrello does. He is one of the most-committed people to the city, and he is helping Nabors Industries grow while giving money back to the community and the Children’s Hospital. His family is grateful for the hospital, and they given back as much as possible.

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Ricardo Tosto- One of Brazil’s Finest Lawyers

Brazil has many lawyers, but this is only possible thanks to the enormous number of law schools that have been established in the country. In 2010, it was ranked the third nation with the highest number of lawyers worldwide. The explanation for this record number of lawyers is the huge number of law schools in the country. Brazil has more law schools than those in the rest of the world. The number of Brazilian lawyers who are approved by the bar examination are 800,000. Some studies show that if all the law students were to be approved by the examination board, the country would have more than 3 million lawyers.

Unique Brazilian Laws

Apart from having a high number of lawyers, Brazil is also known for some of its unique laws. The two most talked about unique laws are:

  • Wearing Helmets Inside Premises: Many states in Brazil forbid the use of helmets or other objects or cloths covering the face when entering private or public premises. This law aims at reducing attempted robbery attempts and making one visible to security surveillance.
  • Use of Cell Phones in Banks: This is forbidden to prevent bank clients from being robbed upon withdrawing their valuables.

About Ricardo Tosto

Mr Ricardo Tosto is among the renowned strategists and leaders in Brazil’s legal fraternity. Tosto started from humble beginnings at a small law practice and proceeded to work for the most prominent corporate litigation firm in Brazil. Following his great success, he went out on his own to establish his firm which soon grew into one of the highly reputable law practice in Brazil.

Ricardo has featured in many high profile cases where he has defended public companies and personalities. He has also offered legal counsel to large Brazilian multinationals and corporations, politicians, and even the government.

Ricardo pioneered the adoption of many legal mechanisms that turn out to be common tools in the Brazilian legal society. He has also acted as a mentor to many of his partners who begun as interns in his firm. Ricardo closely supervises the important cases in his firm by offering creative strategies and providing specific leadership.