Securus Technologies Clients Endorse the Reliability of the Firm’s Products and Impressive Customer Care Service through Positive Feedback

Securus Technologies’ journey started in 1986 in Dallas, Texas, providing inmate communication solutions and prison technologies. It continued growing, acquiring other companies on the way such as Syscon Justice Systems in 2007. Currently, it is the leading firm in the field, with 2200 correctional facilities spread across the United States, Canada, Columbia, and Mexico subscribing to its services. Over one million inmates in the United States have also utilized Securus Technologies services. The presence has also expanded with two more offices in Texas and another in Atlanta, Georgia.




Securus Technologies has continued to reinvent itself over the years, bringing highly innovative products year after year. In the recent past, the company has injected over 600 million dollars to expand its products portfolio and to finance acquisitions and patents. Some of the latest inventions by Securus Technologies include the Cell Defender technology that became possible in partnership with Harris Corporation. Last year, over five correctional facilities department approved the use of the new Managed Access Solutions. This year, a product that controls contraband cell phones, Wireless Containment Solution hit the market. Other reliable products include detainee communication, government information management solutions, and parole tracking tools.


Clients’ Feedback


Correctional facilities officials who utilize the Securus Technologies’ products to enhance security find them effective in their work. Many often leave comments commending the firm of its impressive, innovative abilities. Correctional facilities have the investigative mindset which is complemented by Securus Technologies’ investigative tools. Calls tracking solutions have been effective in collecting information that worked as evidence in arresting and convicting suspects. One client noted of obtaining a search warrant against a staff suspected of introducing contrabands. The excellent customer care service by the firm’s professionals has not gone unrecognized by the clients. One customer noted of being stuck while using the covert alert feature while conducting an investigation. The staff helped him through it, and he concluded his work efficiently.

Securus Technologies – Award Winning Correctional Technology Services Provider

Securus Technologies has helped in revolutionizing the correctional industry in ways more than one in the past three decades. The company offers some of the best products and services to the correctional industry and also ensures that it continues to innovate to find new and better facilities for the correctional sphere. The company is also the winner of the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service. It has won many awards for its excellent services in the past few decades, and it is mostly due to the company’s commitment to serve and protect the community. It’s investigative products and services have equipped with the law enforcement agencies in a very efficient manner.


It ensures that the law enforcement personnel always have the information they need to act quickly to control the damage and arrest the prisoners. The flow of contraband in and around the prison as well as in the city has become much difficult in many regions due to the information supplied by Securus Technologies’ products and services. Two of the services that are very popular among the law enforcement agencies in Canada, the United States, and the District of Columbia, are Investigation Pro and LBS Service. It helps in furnishing the information needed by the officers to arrest the criminals and also convict them with ease in the court of law.


Previously, due to insufficient evidence, the criminals used to get away with crimes with negligible or no charge at all. However, Securus Technologies has changed all that, and it has become much easier for the officers to work smartly and go after the criminals with full confidence. It has helped in many ways to curb crime and keep criminals at bay. Even the crime rate inside the prison has gone down due to the technology and services provided by Securus Technologies.



Securus Technologies Makes The Prison System Safer

There may not be many things citizens of our country can agree on, the current divide being fueled by political differences seemingly grows with each passing day. Though for all of our varying opinions there is at least one thing every American, despite social standing, economic background, or personal story can agree on, the prison system within American can be an inherently dangerous place. Beyond the numerous depictions fabricated for television screens, the prison holds a very real possibility for danger and crime as simply a nature of its existence. Any time a large population of people who have been deemed dangerous and malignant for society is housed under one roof the very real potential for crime increases.


Securus Technologies Helps Prison Administrators Make The System Safer For Inmates and Officials Alike


Those who run the prison systems are tasked with the immensely difficult job of housing convicted offenders in a way that is not only humane but also prevents any crimes from further taking place among those who have demonstrated a propensity for criminal actions. That job is certainly easy as inmates often find ingenious ways to circumvent many of the systems put in place to prevent crime from taking place from within prison walls.


Securus Technologies in response to the difficulty faced by prison officials has provided administrators with the tools to prevent crimes and protect the safety of all inmates.


Securus Receives Stream of Praise for Their Efforts in Helping Prevent Crime in the Prison System


The amount of good being accomplished by prisons who elect to use Securus Technologies inmate communication solutions has not gone unnoticed. Clients from across the country have answered the call to express the many ways Securus has made their facility safer. If you would like to read more Securus Technologies please visit