Doug Levitt’s Inspirational Experience

The writing of the Greyhound Diaries project is in itself a journey that began in the year 2004. Leading on the mission was non-other than the former CNN correspondent Doug Levitt. He started riding Greyhound buses across America first with the aim of emancipating the masses to register as voters. He achieved this, and the elections held. He, however, did not stop riding the Greyhound buses. He had got an attachment with people who ride them. He wanted to gather stories, pictures, songs and memories of the people who were together with him in the busses. He came into contact with individuals of all kinds and who undergo struggles to survive. He went for more than 120,000 miles. At one time, he spent seven weeks on the road.

Levitt reveals that while on the bus, it is poverty, mental illness, and addiction that surround you. People in the busses tend to open up a lot. Lots of impacts from seatmates such as a former Marine who suffered from panic attacks and an army veteran who always had himself to blame for a friend’s death in Afghanistan inspired him. He notes that people on the bus do not talk politics since it can be fraught thus people tend to talk about themselves which is therapeutical and what Doug knows.

The Greyhound bus travelers consist of people who are viewed lesser seen in America. They are individuals who do not tweet or else do not make themselves heard. By riding with them, Levitt gets a chance to understand what a particular part of the society thinks. The Greyhound Diaries project has in the view of Levitt given him an understanding to another culture strata.

Doug Levitt is a songwriter who was born to the former D.C City Council member called Carol Schwartz. When he was only 16, his father committed suicide, a move that greatly inspired Levitt to become an artist.

Doug Levitt attended Washington D.C public schools. He also attended Woodrow Wilson High School. For his university education, Doug attended Cornell University and later received a scholarship to attend London School of Economics where he earned his master’s in International Relations and more information click here.

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