Enhancing A/B Testting Results With AI

Enhancing A/B Testting Results With AI

January 24, 2018 thediff 0

There are quite a few companies that have noticed that firms and people that take advantage of the latest AI tools for business somehow seem to emerge head and shoulders above their competitors.

One good example of this from the political realm is the AI that was used in political strategy during the Trump-Clinton presidential campaign. There were a lot of people that actually lost track of what the Trump campaign was trying to do because on the surface, it appeared that they were losing. When election day results started coming in, however, it started to become apparent that some of the strategy that they had used that was partly driven by big data results tied to AI actually helped them to make moves that put them in the winner’s circle.

For the average business, that can mean a lot. If you extrapolate to the Internet consulting industry and look at what vendors are doing for their clients in an area like A/B testing, it can actually be a game changing concept.

One very important business problem that many A/B test teams are asked to solve is what type of layout will make the web page more successful in terms of sales. Traditionally, they would work through the math and try and predetermine the best setup of product and link pairings so that visitors to the site would have at least a couple of different looks. The visitors that had the best layout combination would then buy more, solidifying that approach as the right way forward.

The problem that remained that AI typically solves is the optimization of what page choices should actually be put in front of customers to begin with and how to optimize the sales once a starting point for layout has been put into place. With AI aboard, A/B Testing can proceed and an automated statistical analysis can drive changes that will continually tweak the process until the highest level of sales possible has been reached.

Another common problem that AI can tackle is A/B Testing that optimizes the ‘recommended’ product or link database that most companies have attached to their website. According to most industry analysts, you can pay a lot of money to build or buy a sophisticated engine. It therefore pays for you to look at AI options that help suggest what your product mix and inputs should be so that you can enhance your sales.

Visit: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-02-06/silicon-valley-hedge-fund-takes-on-wall-street-with-ai-trader

Because most AI engines have been ‘learning’ naturally with large clients and creating a history that helps developers that work in AI optimize their own product, companies that opt to look at it today in order to enhance their A/B testing are going to find that the potential returns that they get likely pass their ROI requirements.

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