Customers Favor Business Principles of Securus Technologies

Customers Favor Business Principles of Securus Technologies

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What is Securus Technology? It is a technology company that is based in Texas specializing in security infrastructure and design. It was established in 1986 and has been providing solutions about crime and civil affairs ever since then. Their technology ensures the effective maintenance of public safety and records. Other services include prison initiatives that also offer services for investigation, and monitoring cases for correctional facilities.


Clients’ have numerous positive reactions towards Securus Technologies:

  • They are appreciated for its ability to develop software that helps prisons have decent security initiatives.
  • Securus has helped numerous institutions conduct their investigations and to detect crime before it happens.
  • Recording technology has served prison institutions well as provided by Securus. In one case, an older inmate was coaching their younger sibling on how to speak in court. With the help of Securus, these conversations were recorded. They would be used in court in the case as evidence.
  • Their unique technology has been of great assistance in managing drug trafficking. Voice recording and phone monitoring systems provide significant reliability for catching prisoners in the act.


What are the Securus Operation standards?

  • Trust building: This is one of the qualities that this company has always kept in check. It has ensured that the customers can rest easy and be confident in them.
  • Transparency: Securus has made this a priority to ensure that customers are familiar with the policies every step of the way. Nothing is kept a secret.
  • Integrity: Approaching every institution with integrity is a core value at Securus. Every commitment is always met the way it was promised and customers get the fastest possible response time.


Customers are able to gain meaningful services and customized solutions at Securus Technologies. They continue to service prisons and correctional facilities around the United States with the latest technology and a committment to excellence.

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