Why Betsy Devos Is the Best Pick for Education Secretary

Why Betsy Devos Is the Best Pick for Education Secretary

December 5, 2017 thediff 1

Betsy Devos, the United States Secretary of Education, is certainly the right woman for the job. She is a major activist who has worked for education reform for many years. She and her husband have given away a lot of money to charity. In fact, their donations add up to one hundred and thirty nine million dollars overall. Within one year alone, they gave over eleven million dollars in charitable donations to promote education. Dick Devos comes from a very philanthropic family as well. His father and his brothers have given one hundred and four million dollars to charity in one year alone. This landed them on the Forbes Top Givers list.


Betsy Devos started her first foundation in order to provide scholarships to families that needed financial help in order to provide their children with a better education. Realizing that not every child will succeed in the public school system, she decided to help out the parents who could not afford private schools. After quickly realizing that doing so would not fix the main issue, Betsy Devos decided to become involved in activism and the school choice movement.


She worked hard on it in her home state of Michigan. After her success there, she decided to branch out and do more work all over the country. She worked hard in Florida, as well as Louisiana and Indiana. She created a grassroots campaign. She sat down with parents. She put out ads on billboards and on the radio. Eventually, community leaders and politicians started to understand that the parent wanted it. They then started to pass bills to help promote education reform. Betsy Devos strongly believes that education reform should be a nonpartisan issue and that people on both sides of the aisle should be caring a lot about our children.


Betsy Devos has been the chair of the Michigan Republican party. Her husband sat on the Board of Education. They started their own charter school. Betsy believes that the more choices a child has, the better. If there are more choices to pick from, there is a much better chance of success. This means that everything should be for consideration. This means that private schools should be given vouchers to help parents have more choices for educating their kid. However, it should not be limited to private schools. Charter schools and magnet schools are both good options when appropriate. In addition, children should be able to go to schools that are outside of their area code if that is better for them. The main point is to not be limited to one option. In addition, there are even opportunities for homeschooling and online learning that should be considered for some children if necessary.


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