Bringing Ideas in Entrepreneurship into Success Stories the Glen Wakeman’s Way

Bringing Ideas in Entrepreneurship into Success Stories the Glen Wakeman’s Way

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Glen Wakeman is known as an entrepreneurial enthusiast, mentor, a great business revolutionary and an innovator. His career and work revolve around the development of M&As, performance strategies and even guidance for new start-ups.

In 2015, Wakeman founded the LaunchPad Holdings LLC, but prior to this, he was also the founder of Nova Four and successfully worked for the GE Capital (Slideshare). He played the roles of President, CEO, P&L and even served as a member of the Board of Directors. Wakeman holds a BS in Economics and an MBA in Finance.


Areas of Specialization

He is known for his 5 step methodologies including:

 Risk Management

 Capitalization of Human Resources

 The power of leadership

 Execution in Business.


Wakeman has vast experience in emerging markets, diversification of markets and opportunities as well as corporate management. His insights on market strategies and counsel have assisted groups like the Sitter Bees and the Dream funded to realize tremendous strides. His reputation spans decades of corporate experience.


Leadership Roles and Community Initiatives

Glen Wakeman has played leadership roles in global organizations. He has been in leadership with angel investors, international monetary organizations and credit leading firms. He has resided in more than 6 countries in his lifetime and run more than 30 regional trades hence the exceptional talent.


How the LaunchPad Holdings LLC was Born

Glen states that he likes associating with ideas and individuals who match their ideas to money. Ideas, he believes come from talented people, with great start-ups ( Glen was concerned by the rate of failures in start-ups and hence ventured to assist young entrepreneurs’ avoid the pitfalls of poor marketing strategies. He designed simpler software as the beginning of the LaunchPad Holdings LLC.


Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a Public Company CEO; he is also a private owner of personal businesses. Wakeman doubles up as a Board Member and an Investor as well as the Executive Mentor in the Launchpad Holdings LLC. He has a 21 Years experience in management and building of startups into successful business ventures.


Wakeman has also played leading roles in improving company images and reputations through his 5 key pillars, which have been tested and applied. He is currently the CEO of the LaunchPad Holdings LLC, which he founded with automated software for business start-ups.