Securus Technologies – Award Winning Correctional Technology Services Provider

Securus Technologies has helped in revolutionizing the correctional industry in ways more than one in the past three decades. The company offers some of the best products and services to the correctional industry and also ensures that it continues to innovate to find new and better facilities for the correctional sphere. The company is also the winner of the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service. It has won many awards for its excellent services in the past few decades, and it is mostly due to the company’s commitment to serve and protect the community. It’s investigative products and services have equipped with the law enforcement agencies in a very efficient manner.


It ensures that the law enforcement personnel always have the information they need to act quickly to control the damage and arrest the prisoners. The flow of contraband in and around the prison as well as in the city has become much difficult in many regions due to the information supplied by Securus Technologies’ products and services. Two of the services that are very popular among the law enforcement agencies in Canada, the United States, and the District of Columbia, are Investigation Pro and LBS Service. It helps in furnishing the information needed by the officers to arrest the criminals and also convict them with ease in the court of law.


Previously, due to insufficient evidence, the criminals used to get away with crimes with negligible or no charge at all. However, Securus Technologies has changed all that, and it has become much easier for the officers to work smartly and go after the criminals with full confidence. It has helped in many ways to curb crime and keep criminals at bay. Even the crime rate inside the prison has gone down due to the technology and services provided by Securus Technologies.



Whitney Wolfe’s Wonderful New App

Whitney Wolfe has emerged as one of the most successful female CEOs of our day. After leaving Hatch Labs, she has emerged as the most prominent example of a young woman building her own fortune. Last year, she made headlines for her work with Bumble.

The dating app has attracted headlines for the amazing success it has generated in helping empower women by making sure they make the first move always. Now, she is bringing her new app Bumble BFF to the forefront. This new app is changing the way everything works by helping people meet up with friends and form new relationships.

If there’s one thing that Whitney Wolfe understands about social media and app design, it’s that people want apps that will help them understand and connect with others better. Everything in Bumble BFF is about that. You look at profiles of people and decide whether or not you want them to be your friend. The process is somewhat similar to a dating site, but instead of looking for a mate you’re looking for someone to hangout with. The dating app is currently used by millions of people and continues to grow in size. The future certainly looks bright for this app.

Whitney Wolfe is only 26 and has already done more in life than the vast majority of CEOs twice her age. She is steadfast creating an empire and slowing taking out the competition. In fact, so far nobody else has had the daring idea to create an app for making friends. With her ingenuity that’s certain to change. Companies want to emulate the pattern of successful entrepreneurs. If she succeeds, this will change the way things go from here on out. It takes a genius to come up with new ideas. Wolfe just happens to fit that description.

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Hussain Sajwani And His Business Empire

Hussain Sajwani is one of the finest businessmen in all of the Middle East, and he has spent quite a long time building a profile that includes many lovely buildings across the region. This article explains how the Hussain Sajwani family and DAMAC owner has helped improve the lives of millions with their buildings. Each new structure offers more beauty and opportunity in the area.


#1: Building For All Things


Building for many things and occasions is a part of what the DAMAC Properties family does. Hussain wants to build for more than just one purpose when he is inserting himself into a new market. He wants to see his buildings offer places to live, work and shop. He will help with commercial properties, and he will help build places where companies may open their doors. He is quite committed to ensuring that his company will offer opportunity to everyone who comes into contact with it.


#2: Middle Eastern Progress


The Middle East has progressed quite a lot with help from people such as Hussain, and he has ensured that each city he builds in is growing as much as possible. He wants to see these cities become something much more than when they began, and he has forged special relationships with people such as the President of the United States to help with his work. He has networked around the world to make his buildings better, and he has partners who will dedicate quite a lot of time to the growth of their properties.


#3: Giving Back


Hussain has been giving back to the communities around him for many years, and he wants to ensure that all the people who are giving back have a way to change their outlook on life. This is why he ensures that all his buildings create jobs, build neighborhoods and help grow commerce.


Hussain has spent quite a lot of time ensuring that his company will build the Middle East the right way. He believes in progress that makes the world a much better place to live, and something that will grow the Middle Eastern region.


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Aloha Construction: Killer of Natural Disasters

Aloha Construction, Inc. has helped Northern Illinois recover from severe storms, frozen rain, flooding, and winds. The company was established in 2008. Southern Illinois is served by the office in Bloomington. The office in the Lake Zurich area serves Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Aloha construction is classified as a small company that has independent ownership.


The president and chief executive of Aloha Construction is David A. Farbaky. Aloha accomplished the completion of 7,000 projects in Illinois. As of April 2017, there 20,000 projects that were executed.


Farbaky states that one of Aloha’s goals is to make residents in the Midwest feel safer at home. To meet this objective, Aloha plans to open a new branch office in the area of its Lake Zurich headquarters. This office will specialize in interior restoration, room remodeling, water extraction, and natural disaster relief. Aloha roofers are trained experts in Cedar Shake roofing. The cleaning of roofs is a service provided by Aloha Construction. The repair of rotted soffits is a service that Aloha Construction offers. This company can also fix siding. Aloha offers various types of installation: gutter, insulation, door, stucco, window, soffit, and siding.The average cost for a project was $11,000.


Aloha Construction has received an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Furthermore, the company belongs to three associations: National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA), and the Building Trades Association (BTA). Aloha is affiliated with National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and National Illinois Home Builders Association (NIHBA).