Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz

Eva Moskowitz is an individual that is very interested in children and their education. She is a founder and CEO of Success Academy Charter Schools, schools that are located in New York City, NY. Since the late 90’s Moskowitz has worked within the educational system, working as Director of Public affairs and Civics Teacher at Prep for Prep. Prep for Prep is a primary/secondary educational school that develops leaders and helps place them to independent schools and boarding schools to further themselves while also offering support for their students along the way. Moskowitz is an individual that wants to see students succeed and find their potential and use it.

Eva Moskowitz was also a part of the Education Committee Chair with the New York City Council for six years. She knew that based on the street you live on is how you are placed to a school and knew that some schools were not sufficient enough. In 2006 Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy Charter School in the Greater New York City Area and has been running strong for 11 years. She has given the opportunity for a better education and future to students that might have been condemned to a poor school otherwise. She is a leader in reform that offers parents charter schools as an alternative.

Success Academy offers an alternative educational program for grades kindergarten through 12th grade and students from all backgrounds. Founding these charter schools in New York, Eva Moskowitz has created the largest and highest performing public school network. Admission to this school is open to all New York State residents, including students with special needs. There are 46 schools serving over 15,000 students in several areas of New York with a high percentage of these children being low income. Eva Moskowitz has created a way in areas of poverty in New York to have an education that exceeds the average education given in public schools. She has created a way to bring out the best of students of all ages and create future leaders.