Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Hot on Amazon’s Heels

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Hot on Amazon’s Heels

June 28, 2017 thediff 0

Amazon has been in command of the online apparel niche for so long that they seldom fear anyone coming after them, but things may be about to change in the coming months. While Amazon has nothing to fear as they continue to gobble up 20 percent of the sales in the clothing market, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been making huge strides and taking in impressive numbers of their own. In only three short years, Fabletics has sold well over $250 million in high-quality active-wear and women’s workout apparel. That huge gap between these two clothing retailers is about to get much smaller.


Hudson talks openly about the success of her company, and credits reverse showrooming and membership perks to the explosion of sales over the last few years. To see these in action, take a look at how customers are shopping at the Fabletics retail stores in all the local malls. The stores are busy, the atmosphere is relaxed, and shoppers are going everything from window-shopping, trying on all the workout apparel, to taking a Lifestyle Quiz to unlock membership perks. Many women do not buy anything after trying on tank tops, yoga pants, and leggings, but that does not hurt the company bottom line in the least.


How could low retail store sales actually help to increase total apparel sales for Fabletics?


The secret to how this company is selling so much of this athleisure brand has to do with online sales. So women have tried on all the clothing at the mall store, then the items are automatically transferred to their online account. Now when these women visit the Fabletics retail store, they are able to see all those pieces of apparel and can continue the shopping experience. taking the concern of sizing out of the equation means these customers can begin to focus on buying the latest arrivals, new vibrant color,s, and the latest in exciting styles. The online shopping carts are getting stuffed, and Fabletics sales are exploding.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics rewards their customers with other membership perks like free shipping for online orders and discounted clothing pricing. One very unique perk is each customer get their own shopping assistant who uses the quiz answers to select one piece of workout apparel each month and load it in the shopping car for consideration. The entire shopping experience is all about pampering these women, and they in turn go from being potential shoppers to Fabletics long-term loyal customers.