Twenty Three Layers and Party Planning: 4 Helpful Tips for Your Next Event

Twenty Three Layers and Party Planning: 4 Helpful Tips for Your Next Event

May 22, 2017 thediff 0

Planning an upcoming event or party? Are you one that easily stresses out about the minor details, or even the major details? There is no reason to stress about planning a party when it can be done simply and easily. If this is you, read on for some strategy and tips to help you out for your next event, whether it be months away or tomorrow morning!

  1. Create a Theme

First things first, think about the type of party you are throwing. If it is a birthday party for a five year old, consider their favorite animated character or television show. If it is a business event, consider the season (hot cocoa for winter and pink lemonade for spring?) as well as the interests of those invited. This is the perfect time to demonstrate your creative side!

  1. Send Out the Invitations

While yes, a quick text message or online invite will do, consider sending out invitations in advance if a) you have time and b) you want to show your guests that they mean more to you than just a text message. It is also easier for someone to RSVP if they have a physical, paper invite in front of them in comparison to something digital that they can forget in seconds!

  1. Keep the Table Setting Simple

Your setting does not need to be overly glamorous or put together, just some brightly colored napkins to spice up a white tablecloth or some nice and natural flowers with candles can do just the trick. Even tying up your silverware with ribbon could be a simple, yet elegant option!

  1. Stay Calm, Collected, and Organized

By all means, make lists! Whether it be an overall to-do list or a shopping and grocery list, be sure you keep your brain organized so you don’t forget anything. And an hour before the event, make sure you take this time to yourself to get ready and calm yourself before a time of entertaining others.


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